introducing the all new "A.T.Eatery"



about the chef


Chef Robert Prado’s local roots have a firm grasp in Montauk’s sandy soil.  His grandfather worked alongside Carl Fisher three generations ago, helping to carve out the present-day identity of Long Island’s easternmost hamlet. Rob’s childhood in Montauk was storybook.  He fished the Elbow, golfed the Downs and surfed the quick, pounding shore break of the Atlantic Terrace.  But his true passion, cooking, inevitably led to paths out of town. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Rob’s talents took him to kitchens from Vermont to Florida, and as far west as California, where he honed his craft and developed his own style behind the line, based on his experiences of cooking on virtually every corner of the continent. For the past decade, Rob had again branched out, this time reinventing himself as a premier private chef.  From brunch in Greenwich to late night steaks in Sagaponack... his signature was evident. That recognition has brought the native son home to Montauk.  Full circle is certainly always a satisfying tale... but to land in the Atlantic Terrace Eatery... a full service kitchen mere yards from the local break Rob defended as a “grom” almost 30 years ago... it is more than satisfying... it is serendipitous. This is real.  This is local.  This is food.  This is the Atlantic Terrace Eatery.

"A.T.Eatery" is open seasonally every day from 7AM - 6PM

Our beachfront take-out "A.T.Eatery" is situated right in the heart of the Atlantic Terrace making it an easy breakfast and lunch spot for guests and locals alike.  Offers a unique menu of classic dishes from a hearty egg sandwich or to the more sophisticated plates like fresh yellow fin toro over arcadian greens. Forget snacks for the beach?  "A.T.Eatery" has a large selection of ice cream, candy, tropical juices, coconut water and soft drinks.  Tons of other beach-friendly, family-friendly snacks make "A.T.Eatery" fun and convenient for the whole family between trips to the pool and the beach.  Please check out our new MENU!  //  917 727 9080